Private Christian School open for in-person learning

Bible Baptist Schools is excited to let our community know that we are open for all in person learning classrooms. All of our core and extracurricular classes have been modified to fit and accommodate our current situation.

Bible Baptist Schools strives to equip our facilities to ensure that our students stay healthy both physically and mentally. Please recognize that the goal is to not keep them separate. We are looking at the wellbeing of their emotional and mental health conditions and not only their physical welfare. We are looking forward to resuming to normal as much as possible while protecting them. The guidelines will be put into place as deemed necessary by administration.

Keeping our students, staff, and community safe

This year, sanitation and cleaning strategies have been expanded to ensure that the school is not exposed as to increased liability for an outbreak. Proper and consistent sanitation procedures will demonstrate we are not being negligent in protecting the health of your students and our staff members.

Cleaning and disinfecting areas used by staff and students will be upheld with a special focus on frequently touched surfaces within the school daily or between use as much as possible.

An extension of the home, not a replacement

Bible Baptist Schools believes schools should be an extension of the home and not a replacement. We believe that our children need a complete and balanced education. The spiritual, mental, social, and physical facets need a proportionate amount of inspiration, instruction, and attention to truly educate the student. It is our goal to educate students spiritually by teaching truths about how to live from the Word of God, mentally by having a challenging academic program, and physically by providing physical education classes and sports training. Our vision is to help the home and church complete this person in Christ. We emphasize respect for authority, love for country, faith in Christ, and confidence in God’s Word.

Our Program

Our Philosophy

Our Payments

Welcome to Bible Baptist Schools!

We consider it a privilege and a blessing to have the opportunity to be a part of your child’s education and spiritual growth. We look forward to a school year filled with Christian learning.

Our staff of teachers, who are committed to the Lord and to supporting the Christian home, church, and school in an academic environment, are worthy of your support. All of us at BBS strive to provide an environment that is spiritual, as well as academic so that our students graduate prepared to live a meaningful, Christian life. Our students are nurtured, protected, and prepared through the Word while being taught respect and appreciation for others.

Bible Baptist Schools is a Christ-centered alternative to secular education, and we see ourselves as an extension of, not a replacement for, the Christian home. Because of this, we are able to partner with you in obeying God’s Word that we might receive His promise, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

Pastor Kerry Brown
Principal & Founder



Friendly, and happy staff. Great christian environment. Very happy to be sending my kids to this school.

Ingrid Nolan | Facebook Review

Great school, amazing curriculum, and even better atmosphere! Love having my children be a part!

Lacy Quisenberry | Facebook Review

Fantastic school! The pastor and staff are very friendly. Teachers love their kids and reflect Christ wonderfully.

John Spillman | Google Review

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