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Fall Semester Enrichment Classes

The Enrichment Classes are programs designed for all children 1st-12th grade in the Yuba/Sutter area, regardless if they are attending Bible Baptist Schools. They are open to the public. These classes are interwoven with the public and other private schools’ schedules so that your child can take part in these exciting classes! These classes span through the creative arts and critical thinking aspects of your child’s development and are taught by our qualified teachers!

We have two options for families to choose from. One our Daily Enrollment, where you can pay as you go. These payments are required before each class. Our second option is the Semester Enrollment, where you would pay for the whole semester upfront and receive a discounted rate.

Our prices are based per family and are as follows:

Daily Enrollment
1st child: $25.00
2nd child: $12.50
3rd child: $7.50
4th+ child: FREE

Semester Enrollment
1st child: $200
2nd child: $100
3rd child: $50
4th+ child: FREE

Refunds are only issued for Daily Enrollment and not Semester Enrollment.

Piano Class

Violin Class

Spanish Class

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Best Enrichment Classes

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Private Piano Lessons for both children and adults!

Private Piano lessons are for both children and adults with no difference in price! Private Piano is a whole new level above the Piano Enrichment Class.

What’s the difference? Good question!

With Private Piano, you unlock personalized training, focused attention, increased technique development, and much, much more!

There is no question that personal, 1-on-1 teaching is superior when teaching music as opposed to a group setting. On top of the individual attention, these lessons are given during the regular school hours! This means that you and your child will not have to stay longer for an after school program, thus giving them the opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities.

Our prices are based per family and are as follows:

1st student: $30/wk
2nd student: $25/wk
3rd student and onward: $20/wk

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